Bluegrass Ventures, a CBD-infused products company, has launched its KLOUD5 line of vaping products including the iKON vaping device that makes consumption of Bluegrass’ revolutionary CBD E-Liquids easy, consistent and flavorful. The KLOUD5 line of vaping products is launched in partnership with entertainer, icon, and businessman Nelly.

Bluegrass Ventures is committed to commercializing ground-breaking CBD-infused products made from pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. There are no additives, no dangerous chemicals, and no preservatives in any of our products. KLOUD5 products may be purchased online at

Nelly said, "Bluegrass Ventures’ consumer-centric approach and their refusal to compromise on quality and purity excites me. Our products take cannabis-infused vaping to the next level, which means responsible adults can enjoy these products in a superior way. I am proud to be the company’s partner in this."

Bluegrass Farmaceuticals is developing transformative cannabis-derived products, including HempDerived Cannabinoid Acetates (HDCAs); high-bioavailability cannabis nanotherapeutics; microencapsulated water-soluble cannabinoids; cannabis-infused diisocyanate prepolymer hydrogels, and; heterocyclic photocatalysis. The company has 13 patents pending for its groundbreaking technologies.

In addition to creating transformative technologies, Bluegrass Farmaceuticals is developing and commercializing advanced therapeutic devices for in-home extraction and consumption of cannabis therapeutics, making cannabis consumption more convenient for consumers.